Clinical Audit Draft

Using our database and clinical resources, Bexley Health Limited undertakes a variety of audit projects on behalf of CCGs to underpin service redesign or to inform commissioning decisions.

Orthopaedics Referrals

Using the MSK pathway, all referrals sent for Orthopaedics, Rheumatology and Neurosurgery are triaged by our skilled team of Specialists to identify if patients can be seen in a Community setting rather than Secondary Care - these alternative routes would be the Clinical Assessment and Triage Service (known as CATS), Physiotherapy within the hospital or within the community.

Ophthalmology Referrals

Every Ophthalmology referral sent in from the practices is triaged by our Optometry specialist. If deemed appropriate they can be triaged to Linklaters Opticians in Bexleyheath where they can be seen on a Saturday by a hospital Ophthalmologist in a community setting to try and keep the wait times in the hospital down.

Minor Surgery Referrals

Within Bexley and Greenwich, providing they fit the criteria set by CCG commissioners, patients can be seen in the minor surgery service who are able to perform minor procedures within the local clinics; reducing the wait times for patients who would normally go to the hospitals to have the procedures carried out.

Dermatology Referrals

All Dermatology referrals are triaged by our Dermatology specialist. They are triaged to ensure that the referring surgery are following the pathways set by the CCG and to make sure that enough is being done in primary care before patients are referred to the hospital. Referrals can also be directed to the community clinics where patients can be treated and in some cases procedures can also be performed.

Gynaecology Referrals

All Gynaecology referrals are triaged by our team of GPs to ensure that the pathways set by the CCG are being followed before they are referred to the hospital. When deemed appropriate patients can also be seen in the community clinics which are run in both the Greenwich and Bexley boroughs.

Urology Referrals

All Urology referrals are triaged by our team of GPs to ensure that the pathways set by the CCG are being followed before they are referred to the hospital. Specifically patients who require a Vasectomy can be see in the community clinics under the minor surgery pathway.

Anti Coagulation Referrals

Patients in Bexley requiring Anti Coagulation treatment are now being offered the choice to be seen either in the community or at the hospital for their INR monitoring and their Warfarin dosing. Referrals that come in via the Haematology Anti Coagulant Pathway are triaged by our GP with a special interest in Anti Coagulation to ensure that the patient is stable enough to be seen in the community. Patients also have the option to be followed up in the community if they are already under the hospital. Once again, the referral has to be triaged and agreed that patient is stable enough to be seen.

Patients within Greenwich also now have the option to be seen under the community Anti Coagulant pathway. However this is only available at this time for patients who have been identified by Queen Elizabeth Hospital as stable for the community. Greenwich patients who need to be initiated on Warfarin are not eligible for the community service at this current time. 


Due to our vast team of triagers, all comments made by them are surveyed and agreed by their colleagues to ensure consistency in all decisions made by the initial triager. These comments are then shared to the referring surgery to educate and ensure high quality referrals are sent over to the hospitals.


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